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You’ve got the nuts, now get ’em on your rig…

1st Generation Balls – Hitch Hanger

Hitch Hanger (1st Generation Balls)
Hitch Hanger (1st Generation Balls)
Only the 2nd Generation Bulls Balls and Big Boy Nuts come with the mounting hardware.
Hang your 1st Generation Balls and Truck Nuts easily with this Hitch Hanger Assembly.
Fits inside your 50 x 50mm tow bar receiver (does not fit the smaller 40 x 40mm receiver)
Weight: 0.458kg

Zinc Plated to resist rust and mounts in minutes with a small adjustable wrench.

Simply slide the black rubber block assembly into your standard 50 x 50 mm hitch receiver and tighten the jam nut down tightly to expand the rubber block against the inside of the hitch receiver tube.

Tighten Securely !

Place a washer, your balls and 2nd washer over the bolt and tighten the “lock nut” down fairly secure, but also – allowing the balls to swing very freely !

2nd Generation Chain and Brass Lock

Chain and Brass Lock (1st Generation Balls)
Chain and Brass Lock (1st Generation Balls)
Note: Your 2nd Generation Bulls Balls and Big Boy Nuts come with the chain and lock
Want another one? No problems! Get it here...
38cm #2 Twisted Chain - links 1.25cm x 1.75cm
Weight: 0.33kg
Comes with a weather resistant brass padlock that can be slid out of sight.

Simply insert one end of the chain into the hole in the balls and slide it through, then wrap the chain around the hich receiver or elsewhere back under the truck.

If your spare tire is mounted under your rig, this makes another great location. Slip the chain through two holes in the tire rim, secure the chain ends with padlock – your balls are hung !

Your balls are much more secure and safe from theft than ever before.



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