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2nd Generation Big Boy Nuts

2nd Generation Big Boy Nuts
2nd Generation Big Boy Nuts
This new generation of Truck Balls use our revolutionary new Chain and Lock mounting method. It allows many ways of attaching your balls securely under all your rigs.
Install them in minutes on your big rig or truck.
Size: 17.15cm High x 10.08cm Wide x 6.35cm Thick
Weight: 0.907kg
Our Chain and Lock Hanging Assembly IS INCLUDED
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Price: $64.99
Price: $59.99
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The 2nd Generation Bulls Balls and Big Boy Nuts are much less prone to easy theft with the chain and brass lock provided.

This Second Generation of truck balls allows the fullness of the balls to be maintained and at the same time the overall length has been reduced two inches, making hanging of the balls much easier to do up under the rig and further back of the bumper. There are many ways to hang truck nuts on most trucks, suvs, cars, quads and bikes. Each installation will be different depending on how things are / look where you are going to loop the chain around. Use the hitch receiver tube or another area to loop / wrap the chain around, use padlock to secure in place. Slide chain around till lock is out of sight.

In most cases, insert chain through the two holes provided for your trailer safety chains, then wrap around the hitch receiver tube.  Tighten slack in the chain, insert lock through two of the links and rotate lock out of sight. Balls swing freely and are secure.

If this method does not work because of your truck’s particular hitch design, look further under the truck for a cross member or other items to wrap the chain around and then place lock through two of the links.  It looks better if it is behind the bumper in any case.

Spare tires that are mounted under a truck allows the truck balls to be hung by threading the chain thru two of the tire rim holes and locking the two chain ends together.  Adjust height so balls do not drag.

This new method of hanging truck balls allows the balls to travel a full 180 degrees, front to back.  Consequently the balls will never break off at the mounting hole when backing out of a steep driveway or dragging your balls over a high speed bump.

This method also allows side to side movement of the balls for the proper affect as you drive your balls around.  Also when parking, the balls will always settle in the proper position after coming to a stop.

Care should be taken to measure vehicle ground clearances from the point of intended attachment to the ground to ensure that clearances are maintained and your nuts aren’t dragged up the street (Road Rash).  There are different sized nuts and balls in our ranges to suit all vehicles.  If you intend off road driving, then your clearances will need to be increased.

A sure fire way to loose your nuts is to attach them with plasic zip ties.  Our chain and lock system is supplied FREE with all 2nd generation nuts/balls and is also adaptable as an option on our 1st generation nuts and balls.

With 1st Generation nuts and balls, you could buy some chain and wrap over the hitch hanger and put a lock thru the chain and hole in the top of your balls.

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