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1st Generation Big Boy Nuts

1st Generation Big Boy Nuts
1st Generation Big Boy Nuts
Install your Big Boy Nuts in minutes, on your big rig or small vehicle.
Size: 22.9cm High x 13.97cm Wide x 6.35cm Thick
Weight: 0.816kg
Order today and we'll ship 'em tomorrow.
Show the world you're nuts.
Mounting hardware sold separately (click here for details)
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Order your balls today.
Price: $59.99
Price: $54.99
Colour :

Care should be taken to measure vehicle ground clearances from the point of intended attachment to the ground to ensure that clearances are maintained and your nuts arn`t dragged up the street (Road Rash).  There are different sized nuts and balls in our ranges to suit all vehicles.  If you intend off road driving, then your clearances will need to be increased.

A sure fire way to loose your nuts is to attach them with plasic zip ties.  Our chain and lock system is supplied FREE with all 2nd generation nuts/balls and is also adaptable as an option on our 1st generation nuts and balls.

With 1st Generation nuts and balls, you could buy some chain and wrap over the hitch hanger and put a lock thru the chain and hole in the top of your balls.

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